Choke Express Contingency Program Info

Choke Express Membership Card features

- Instant 10% off every order with no restrictions for one year

- Exclusive member only pricing on select products 

- Free $25 gift card on your birthday 

- Entry into the MEMBERS ONLY Free Raffle for a $100 Gift Card every month ($1,200.00 yearly)

- Enrollment in the Choke Express Contingency Program, $1,000.00 minimum payout guaranteed! 

     The Choke Express Contingency Program is our way of investing into the future by putting money back into the pockets of our customers. We appreciate our customer base and we don’t just talk about it; we back it with our actions. Our success is achieved through your in-competition success, our goal is one in the same with yours, providing you with the best lineup of products that will ultimately bring you to the pay window. When you win with our products consistently, we notice not from pictures or posts online or conversations we notice it from the reactionary results of other shooters knowing what you have and them ordering it, when you as our customer win and you tell others what chokes you are using, as a business we are very appreciative of that, it ultimately equals sales. When we benefit, we feel you should benefit as well from sales due to your success, you deserve not only recognition for your achievement but financial compensation as well for leading others to our brand. There is value in results, and we want to lead the way with a program that rewards you directly.  

     Choke Express just celebrated its first year in business, going into year number two we will continue the trend of our previous business ventures by standing apart from the crowd and leading the way. There are two methods of doing this, direct event sponsorship or implementation of a contingency program. Event sponsorship is still a few years away due to logistics and lack long term data to back up the investment costs associated with said method, outside companies need that data to justify spending advertising revenue in an unknown market to them. A contingency program however is now not only possible it will become a source for gaining additional data for future investors to advertise within our sport. 
     What is a contingency program? As briefly explained above it’s a form of sponsorship given directly to you the shooters. When you win at your local shoot or when you travel out of town, you receive a payout or prize that was based on a percentage of the entry paid in to participate in that given event. A contingency program is much the same, however rather than paying entry on an event to event basis there is yearly entry into the program. That entry creates a base prize pool. Additional funding is added to the prize pool based on the driven sales success of the business. Growth = Bigger Contingency Payouts! When you win at those events you will not only collect a prize from the shoot you are attending you will also be eligible to win additional prize money or product credits from Choke Express just for being enrolled into the program. You pay for equipment, then you take that equipment to an event to pay to compete at the event to win prizes. Prizes you and the shooters as a collective fund. The contingency program is a way to have your direct purchased equipment bring additional value to your pocket through simply continuing to do what you do when you win, get A picture, make a post online, brag to your buddies. Things we’ve all done and continue to do. As A business this is known as direct grass roots advertising, something that other forms of marketing and advertising cannot equal on A scale of value or success rates. Word of mouth is simply the best method of advertising; the truth and proof is best spoken by the people involved. When you advertise for us we do not expect it for free, we do promotional giveaways and we do all we can to embrace our customers unlike others with their “friends” as long as you buy from me and not from thee approach to business. When given a stage your words as a customer are a powerful tool to help us grow as A business. The difference between us and others in this business is we want to share that success with our customer base. For example, the simple act of wearing A tee shirt. If its free or if you bought it, you are A walking billboard advertisement and when you win that is broadcast locally at the event or through social media and it generates income, income that we want to share with you. Why have we been selling & giving shirts away over the past year? Because we intend to compensate you for wearing them when you win, it equals valuable advertising that results in product sales. We don’t want you to just wear our shirts because you support us as A business, we are thankful of that if you already do that. We also want you to wear it because its something that will bring you additional income through A sponsorship medium when you win.

   The contingency program will be a system funded through Choke Express Membership Card sales as the secondary base of funding, the primary funding will be based on net profits of items sold. We will set aside between 5-25% of net profits to fund the program the % base figure is a tier system based on the given product, being we manufacture as well as resell other branded products. Based on the first year of business this would have paid out around $8,000 in contingency bonuses to our customer base.     

     Each aspect of the program will have eligibility qualifiers that must be met, verified reporting of results must be posted publicly. Eligible round wins must come from the general match not an afterhours round with limited participants. The early onset of the program will be a trust but verify entry system. We ask that you post your wins on the Choke Express Facebook page or leave a product review on the website pertaining to the product used. Submitting wins via email will be the primary method once we have the system in place to efficiently transfer the data to the social media marketplace.

    Starting off the prize pool will reflective of the participation of the program, as the program grows so will the prize pool. We will likely do quarterly payouts. $50 of each membership sold goes direct to the contingency payout pool. With just 10 sold already the first $500 in payout is in place with moderate participation in the program $10,000 would become a realistic projected payout for the 2020 season. Prizes will be prorated from time of purchase out to 30-60 days from the purchase date.  
     For example, when you win and submit your win and use it in a product specific advertising campaign, we will then take that product and tag the sales to you and other shooters who have had the same success in that timeframe. If we sell 10 of that specific ($60) model and reasonable assumption would be due to the advertising campaign based on your performance, then we feel you should be compensated for those sales. You’d be partly responsible for the generated interest as a provider of useable advertising content. Of that 10 sold you’d be eligible for share in compensation of sales. Each product item has its own reflected sales expectations, our most popular products will likely come in at a smaller percentage contingency return rate due to the already measured product demand already in place. To keep eligibility open we must open new doors and close others so the system will largely be regulated to keep a revolving cycle of product going out. For example the choke you purchased last year and won with it this week isn’t going to payout at the same level as the customer who purchased one a few weeks ago and won the same day, the system must retain a progressive cycle system to be of value to the membership grouping as a whole otherwise it would ultimately become a system that pays pennies on the dollar vs a higher rate of return per entry. It’s important to note this offer isn't limited to just outlaw shooters its open to everyone from the meat shooters to the stock and gauge guys & gals each segment of the market brings value to the system. Each segment of the market will have equivalent parity to its represented size.

     Yes, this is a very large system and yes there are a lot of factors to it however once its built and in place the return value on your time, effort & investment in product will be compensated, often times paying back more than you initial product investment. Will everyone come out ahead? No. This is real time sponsorship, as a sport we can’t achieve big things without a start, this is the starting line.

Thanks, Dave Tubbs

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