We understand that new customers often struggle to find what they are looking for on the website. To make it as easy as possible we decided to add this section to help new users to the page navigate their way to the products they need. 

Navigating The Home Page 


Desktop Computers

On your desktop computer you can navigate multiple ways. You have the option to use the search bar across the top of the page located next to our logo. Using this option requires specific input to get to specific products. We list chokes by their Series, as well as by size. for example to find a .642 choke you search for 42 . To find a .675 choke you simply type 75 in the search bar, we use the final 2 numbers in the choke sizing to determine part numbers.   

Choke Series Examples TG, B1, DS, 2510 & HR

When you search by Series the search tab will allow you to view the entire series.

Choke Size Examples  38 (=.638) 40 (=.640) 42 (=.642) 75 (=.675) 80 (=.680)

When you search by size the search tab will allow you to view all chokes that we manufacture in that specific size. 

Searching for chokes by fit? 


All chokes that we manufacture we build an 812 3.50" variation as our standard production model. 

Optional fits are as follows: 

INV+ = Invector Plus Threaded

REM = Remington Threaded 

WIM = Winchester / Invector / Mossberg Threaded 

You also have the option to use the integrated sorting options that we have laid out to streamline the ordering process.

This option allows you to select the shell type that you are shooting, by going this route you will be given all the options that we recommend for that specific shell type.  
This option allows you to browse each specific Series that we offer. If you click on a Series Icon you will be taken to that Series main page. On this page you will find a product description as well as shell type recommendations. Many of the choke types are used with multiple shell types at various distances. There are far to many conceivable variations to list on the website as the website would become far more confusing if we did so if you have questions we have answers you can contact us directly using the 
Located on the right side of the screen, if we are near our computer or phone this will alert us that you have a question or need help, we usually get to you within a few minutes if we are available. If not we will get your message and we will respond ASAP. If your question is urgent you can try calling us at (740-262-8623. We put together this system to reduce costs as time on the phone taking orders was taking away from production time. To ensure that we can provide the best quality of service we ask that if at all possible, orders be placed through the website if you are not comfortable we will try to walk you through the process or we can manually take the order over the phone.   


Mobile Phone

A majority of the options above in the desktop description apply to the Mobile Phone/Tablet format as well. The notable difference between the format is the direct link tabs are located just left of the CE logo. When you press the 3 bars an additional menu set will appear giving you access to direct links to different areas of the website. Such as the Home page or direct to CHOKES by fit type 812 or Screw-In options. Additional links can be found such as information on our sponsored events as well as other items we sell such as Optics & Accessories, Replacement Parts, Gift Cards as well as Shirts & Hats or you can browse our user submitted classified ads. These same options can be found across the top of the page on the desktop format. 



On both the Desktop computer and Mobile platforms at the very top of the page we post page updates and FEATURED DEALS  in Yellow.


In this section we will post monthly PDF Printable Newsletters concerning our products and post event results as well as advertisements of new products as well as do editorial reviews of products. 


In this section we will post the products that we feel are most important to you the shooter. These products will be discounted 


This section contains all of our gun cleaning supplies

$50 OR LESS!

This section contains all of our discounted chokes most of the products listed are overstock or items we have discontinued production on the specific variant. Often times when demand increases these items will re appear in our general inventory. Some items located here are minor defect products that do not meet our production quality standards these items will be noted as such. Be it a finish blemish a mislabeled size or an over sized choke body such as an .813 or .814.


Do it yourself is a staple of this industry, many builders get their start tinkering in the home shops. Our DIY section features quick product solutions that will make DIY projects easier to manufacture. 


Like all companies we value our customers who represent our brand on the front lines. We offer a full line of apparel to make you look good in the winners circle. P.S. We also offer contingency/sponsorship $$ for wins while dressed in our brand. A T-Shirt or had or a Hoodie will at minimum pay for itself in a very short time + money to boot!