Over the next few months we will be making quite a few changes to the website, the first one that you'll notice is the name change.

Why would we change the name? Well that's a great question.

The primary goal of Choke Express as a business was to build and establish an online marketplace for all shooters and builders within the turkeyshoot/card shooting market. Over the past 6 years we went from an unknown brand right to the top of the chokes market. In that process the business took over the primary objective of becoming a marketplace for all.

We are currently introducing a new name within the market, ACSA.

What is the ACSA?

American Card Shooters Association

This is an attempt to organize as a community, to establish a shooter, builder, shooting facility partnership organization that can achieve objective goals of the shooting community.

What are those goals?

1. Establish a sanctioning body to legitimize our sport and shooting community as a whole.

2. Establish a unified rule set and specified classes of competition that are equally the same from region to region.

3. Establish a professional marketplace presence that is attractive to vendors & manufacturers that we all currently buy products from yet we as a community receive noting in return.

4. Create a sponsorship program or a contingency based program that pays or gives cash or prizes directly to the shooting community based on overall performance.

5. Establish a group of elected regional representatives to create events, establish a unified rule set and general spokesman for their prospective regions as to what needs to improve and what can others learn from that area to better improve their own areas.

7. Building a community from within, we have all grown to love and hate this sport, we have all moved through the ranks and shot different classes of competition, we are all invested into this sport, coming together as a community can help us all benefit.

Overall the association aspect opens many doors for us all as a shooting community, we will have the ability collectively to take this sport to new heights.

Other shooting sports have successfully organized and became much larger via that organization and they are also far more attractive to potential sponsors.

Turkeyshoot/ Card shoots represent a 3+ million dollar per year marketspace within the shooting sports world. Yet we receive nothing from shotshell manufacturers, nothing from gun manufacturers, nothing from optics manufacturers, nothing from cleaning supply companies, and nothing from accessories companies.

This can all change.

This change starts with you.

You should expect more.

Will this take some time? Yes.

Will this take some work? Yes.

Will this take funding to achieve? Yes.

Will this result in a better shooting community as a whole? Yes.

Together we can achieve greatness.

ACSA Shooters Forum


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These are products that we are currently liquidating from our inventory as part of our yearly inventory reduction cycle. Many of the $50 or less products were manufactured prior to our use of laser engraving, they are machine engraved. Some of these chokes have minor surface defects and or a machine chatter finish, not suitable for full value retail purchase, this finish does not effect the product fit or performance as each will be inspected prior to shipment. Functionally there are not any issues with these chokes as all are inspected prior to listing and shipment.



These are chokes from dad's personal collection over the years. A majority of them he made, some we currently produce, others I haven't had the time to put them into our production cycle. While many of these chokes we have won a lot of money with, the reality is they will sit here and collect dust. So, I feel like I should let them go and let others get use out of them as well as enjoy them as a conversation piece. All funds generated from the sales of these items will be used in our Helping Hands Program. I will get around to listing the items, over the next few weeks.

SHOP CHOKES BY SHELL BRAND ( Under Construction ! )



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The HOT LIST is monthly sales report comprised of customer reviewed items and how they rank in relation to sales volume. These are our top 10 performing products.


The Choke Express Manufactured Product Program

is a manufacturing/marketing all in one solution designed to help establish and grow your brand. This program will maximize the profitability of your products by giving you access to affordable world class CNC manufacturing and matching it with the #1 sales and marketing platform dedicated to card shooting.

We utilize modern CNC mills, lathes as well as 4 and 5 axis machine centers located in our own facility. Our eCommerce platform is the most visited sales channel of any within Turkeyshoot/Card shooting market, this is due to our pursuit to offering our customers access to largest ready to ship inventory of products within this industry. in 2020 we fulfilled over 2,000 unique orders with a +38% increase in sales volume year over year. In simple terms we are the Amazon of the turkeyshoot world with in house manufacturing capabilities.



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