I am currently overhauling the entire website, there are thousands of products being listed, it has taken months to do all of the graphics updates, description tabs and and put together all of the new features you will soon be seeing that will help making your shopping experience easier than ever before. Please keep in mind that I can only do all of this later at night after long work days so it has taken a long time to get through it all. I'm currently about 75% complete and I've only uploaded less than 5% of the updates. Current example in the link below on the 2510 collection.

Once I get a few more of these complete collections uploaded I will add in a users tutorial on the main menu.

A large portion of new products that will be added in will be new options, many of these we WILL NOT KEEP IN STOCK. These will be special order products which come with variable lead times depending on how busy I am. We will keep precut series chokes, in stock at all times of these models. A precut series choke is a choke that is 80% complete minus final bore size and broaching and Info engraving. This will allow me to offer a much much larger product base than ever before. It will save on inventory overhead costs saving you all money in the long run. Anyways its 130 am and I still have to type up the next production update!



G1.5 FRAMES - Are underway, I've started machining universal components for them, once I get through the base parts I will start on the primary frame components. As far as timeline? I do not have a clue. These are 100% new frames which require full programming and fixturing on some of the new parts. I am splitting time between all of the current projects running multiple machines and trying to get frames buffed out an anodized. Completion date? my best guess November/ December.

BUFFED & ANODIZED G2 AND NITRO FRAMES - Currently going through buffing. I am processing them as quick as I can with what I have to work with, small shop + new machines means we had to move buffing operations outdoors. Having 2 buffing shops pull out of doing the work really caused a major headache, I bough a 10x20 pop up canopy and an additional buffer in June to begin the already delayed buffing process, had I known the buffing shops were not going to be able to take on the job I would have made other arrangements far sooner. Anyways, what's the hold up? 20 frames should be easy right?

In ideal conditions sure. Outdoors in the middle of summer, not ideal and not friendly. When temperatures are above 80 in the shade, buffing compound doesn't function as intended. What would take minutes to prep buff takes dozens of compound applications only to have more compound flying everywhere than what is being worked into the part. That limits workable hours of buffing to early morning or late evening, if its not downpouring or overly windy. The first weekend of buffing yielded a new flying canopy. Destroying the frame in the process. So we had to spend a few days fixing the canopy. If its not one thing its another. Currently we are working our way through parts as quickly as possible, which I can tell you is extremely slow compared to ideal conditions. Every expectation of what can be done falls short, be it getting quality compounds or wheels. Thanks to covid and rona bucks apparently many of these items are backordered forcing subpar wheels and compounds to be used in their place. Typically we would use a 14 inch wheel. we currently only have access to 10 inch. This means longer time at the wheel for every single part.

I'd love nothing more than to get some employees to do this however there are few spare parts and under the circumstances the work environment is very unforgiving. Tuesday I lost 8lbs from just sweating morning to evening, in a protective suit, with medical gloves and a face shield and n95 mask. all covered in buffing residue. Anyways its now 3am and I'm going to head to bed and get beck to it tomorrow.

When will they be done, don't know. I'm doing the best that I can.


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2021 G1.5 PRE-ORDERS

Available in 210 or 212

Currently in manufacturing process



The HOT LIST is monthly sales report comprised of customer reviewed items and how they rank in relation to sales volume. These are our top 10 performing products.




M17 Prostock

M17 Outlaw

M17 Promod

210 & 212 G2 Frames

210 & 212 Nitro Frames

I700 Bolt Actions

I700 Rifles

I900 Bolt Actions

I900 Prostock

I900 Prohunt


The Choke Express Manufactured Product Program

is a manufacturing/marketing all in one solution designed to help establish and grow your brand. This program will maximize the profitability of your products by giving you access to affordable world class CNC manufacturing and matching it with the #1 sales and marketing platform dedicated to card shooting.

We utilize modern CNC mills, lathes as well as 4 and 5 axis machine centers located in our own facility. Our eCommerce platform is the most visited sales channel of any within Turkeyshoot/Card shooting market, this is due to our pursuit to offering our customers access to largest ready to ship inventory of products within this industry. in 2020 we fulfilled over 2,000 unique orders with a +38% increase in sales volume year over year. In simple terms we are the Amazon of the turkeyshoot world with in house manufacturing capabilities.



 Due to the increase in censorship on social media platforms, I have decided to start taking the steps to create our own modern social media platform dedicated to turkeyshoot/ card shoots. This is a multi year program that we are undertaking to help build a better future for the sport. A large portion of the page is still under construction however there are many sections to post your content, ask questions, and just have fun with other shooters. The forum has a free classifieds section along with free shooting house listings and I am currently working on putting together an app that will be downloadable from the Apple and Android stores hopefully by Christmas. 

The ACSA Shooters forum will be a modern version of with all of the same features that helped the sport achieve tremendous growth from the late 90's into the early 2000's.

We can do better we can achieve more together, join us