Choke Express Membership Card features

- Instant 10% off every order with no restrictions for one year

- Exclusive member only pricing on select products

- Free $25 gift card on your birthday

- Entry into the MEMBERS ONLY Free Raffle for a $100 Gift Card every month ($1,200.00 yearly)

- Enrolment in the Choke Express Contingency Program, $1,000.00 minimum payout guaranteed!

The Choke Express Contingency Program is our way of putting money back into the pockets of the shooters. We appreciate our customer base and we don’t just say it we live it. Our success is rooted in your in-competition success. When you win with our products, we feel that when we benefit from additional sales due to your success, you deserve not only recognition but financial compensation as well for leading others to our brand. There is value in results.
Choke Express just celebrated its first year in business, going into year number two we will continue the trend of our previous business ventures by standing apart from the crowd and leading the way. There are two methods of doing this, direct event sponsorship or implementation of a contingency program. Event sponsorship is still a few years away due to logistics and lack long term data to back up the investment costs associated with said method. A contingency program however is now not only possible it will become a source for gaining additional data for future investors to advertise within our sport.
What is a contingency program? As briefly explained above it’s a form of sponsorship given directly to you the shooters. When you win at your local shoot or when you travel, you receive a payout or prize that was based on a percentage of the entry you paid in to participate in that given event. A contingency program is much the same, however rather than paying entry on an event to event basis there is yearly entry into the program. That entry creates a base prize pool. Additional funding is added to the prize pool based on the success of the business. When you win you will not only collect a prize from the shoot you are attending you will also be eligible to win additional prize money or product credits from Choke Express.
Each aspect of the program will have eligibility qualifiers that must be met, verified reporting of results must be posted publicly. Eligible round wins must come from the general match not an afterhours round with limited participants. We ask that you post your wins on the Choke Express Facebook page or leave a product review on the website pertaining to the product used. Starting off the prize pool will reflective of the participation of the program, as the program grows so will the prize pool. We will likely do quarterly payouts. $50 of each membership sold goes direct to the contingency payout pool. With just 10 sold that’s already the first $500 in payout, on the Choke Express end we will be taking 10-15% of the net profits from Choke Express and building that prize pool well into the thousands of dollars, with moderate participation $10,000 would become a realistic projected payout. prizes that will be prorated from time of purchase out to 60 days from the purchase date.
For example when you win

- Choke Express $1,000 contingency bonus for verified posted wins, If you shoot our product and win and you have our Membership card, post your wins on our page. You will be eligible to win your share of the $1,000 minimum contingency bonus. Yes minimum. As we will base the total contingency program based on our yearly sales. Setting aside funding to help those that support us. If we ran this program over the last year the contingency payout would of been over $5,000 in payout. The more members we have in the program the higher the contingency payout purse will be.

This offer isn't limited to just outlaw shooters its open to everyone from the meat shooters to the stock and gauge guys & gals.